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Store Policies


Under conditions of normal residential use and with diligent care on the par of the buyer, all products sold by Ennis/Thomasville, other than items priced and sold “as is” are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or materials by our manufacturers/suppliers for a period of one year from date of purchase. Fabrics and leather are not guaranteed by manufacturers for wear or fading. Extended protection plans may be purchased.

Though unlikely, if prior to or within 30 days of placing your order, you find your purchase priced less by us or any other full-service store, we will meet the lower price or credit the difference. Seasonal and discontinued merchandise is excluded. Proof of any lower price is expected.

A special order is merchandise that has been specifically ordered as per the customer’s instruction and is non-cancelable. If order is refused, Ennis/Thomasville will retain a minimum of 20% of the purchase price as a restocking fee to cover shipping, handling and inventory costs. Delivery and pickup charges are not refundable. Charges for customer labor to wood products or upholstery items, including extended protection, are non-refundable. Ennis/Thomasville cannot be responsible for installing customer’s electronics, or be responsible for any installation requiring electrical wiring. Orders involving customers own material for custom upholstery work must be paid for in advance, in full and are not returnable or refundable for any reason.

Shipment dates are only estimated: we cannot be responsible for delays due to various manufacturing and shipping problems beyond our control.

Furniture is made of natural materials such as leather, fabrics, wood, marble, glass, stone and metal. Natural imperfections are to be expected.

Payment for merchandise that is stored over 30 days by the customer’s request, whether in stock or special order, is due in full according to the terms of the original sales agreement. Full payment is due or revolving charge payments will begin 30 days from date merchandise is placed in storage. A Storage Agreement will be signed and Ennis/Thomasville will insure merchandise with full coverage until delivered. Maximum storage time is 90 days from receipt date. Customer must arrange for storage beyond this period.

Any merchandise taken or delivered on a trial basis must be noted as such on the invoice. Such merchandise must be returned with 48 hours or it is considered sold and may not be returned. Customer will be charged for delivery and pickup of all trial items. Major pieces, such as dining sets, china cabinets, credenzas, bedroom sets, etc., or any “as is” item, may not be delivered on trial.

If customer purchases a stock item, and after delivery, decide to return it and not reselect, a restocking charge of 10% will be assessed. Reselection must be made prior to pickup to avoid charges.

Samples taken from store must be paid for by check or signed credit card sales slip, which will be held until samples are returned. Carpet samples are $15.00 each, carpet sample books, $50.00 each, upholstery samples, $10.00 each, and wallpaper books, $50.00 each. Any pillows, cushions, or arm caps from in-stock upholstery are billed to customer at $100 each until returned. All such items must be returned to the store within 48 hours to avoid billing. Customers will receive a copy of a return receipt.

Delivery charges are based on the following: (1) Local deliveries are scheduled by area or zip code on specific week days. (2) Out-of-town deliveries are scheduled as orders accumulate. (3) Customer being at home or making other arrangements to accept delivery at estimated time. Delivery times are estimated within a two hour window subject to traffic, weather, or other delays. Should a delay occur, customer will be contacted by delivery department, by cell phone if possible. While we will make every effort to respond to our customers individual needs, if a special time or date are required that are not compatible with our regular scheduling, a predetermined up-charge would be agreed upon. Moving customer’s possessions to facilitate delivery of new products, is done only after release form is signed by the customer and will require extra labor charges.



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